Wallet marks are a sign that you've been sitting on your wallet! 

Despite being uncomfortable, it causes your pelvis to tilt and tweak your spine! 

Do these marks look familiar?

Do you sit on your wallet? 

This can cause pain in your back that starts from the hips and continues to the legs, shoulders a...


Did you know that HealthPostures was selling desktop units about four years before anyone else? HealthPostures was the very first company to have a height-adjustable, desktop sit-stand unit on the market back in late 2003, early 2004. HealthPostures laid the groundwork with customers, ergonomist, an...



Standing Desk Comparison: 

HealthPostures’ TaskMate Go vs. Competitors

The HealthPostures TaskMate Go can STAND UP to other desktop standing desks when they are compared side-by-side.  Let’s takes a closer look with this standing desk comparison.

Fully Assembled: Being fully assembled when you r...


Tendonitis is a PAIN IN THE.... ELBOW!

I was recently diagnosed with Tendonitis in my elbow (both Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow). After 6 weeks of progressing pain I got one doctors opinion... Tendonitis. I assumed the pain was too much for something like Tendonitis, so my stubborn self got a 2nd...


I am currently on an assignment out of state for my company and working at a Co-Working Space (Workbar) in Boston. These places are great, you can pick from a variety of areas and set-up your "work station" for the day. The majority of people are using their laptops and possibly an extra monitor.


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