Handshoe Mouse - SKU # - 38015


Handshoe mouse helps reduce pain related to mousing repetitive stress injuries (RSI). This mouse fits like a glove and was developed by Dutch medical center. The unique and patented shape fully supports the hand. It helps reduce gripping and pinching motions attributed to a standard style mouse. Handshoe mouse can help minimize stress associated with devices that must be gripped while orienting the mousing hand and arm in more ergonomically sound posture. Your hand rests entirely in a contoured channel on the top of the mouse, with no friction from contact with the mousing surface.


There is no need to use fingertips for pressing the mouse buttons - small exertion of finger pressure from the big joint where it meets the hand is sufficient for button clicking. Button action is a nice compromise between low effort and positive feedback, while the scroll wheel can be operated with the inside of the middle or index finger. The largest-size Handshoe Mouse also has a third button with the same function as the switch function of the scroll wheel, but the small and medium sizes do not have sufficient room to accommodate a third button. The mouse comes with a drawstring carry-bag.

The Handshoe mouse is plug and play, with no special drivers for Mac or PC needed. The Handshoe mouse is a comfortable, low-stress pointing device. If you suffer from mousing pain, it should prove to be a worthwhile investment in reducing your RSI related pain.


Comes in wired and wireless version.