Newtral Mouse Medium - Wired


1, Reduces Wrist and Forearm Pronation:
The concave depression on the thumb side of the mouse combined with the downward slope towards the mouse towards the fifth finger positions the hand at a 33°ree; angle off the horizontal, which is a more natural position for your wrist and forearm.

2, Reduces Wrist Strain due to Excessive Movements:
The Ergo-Grip offers a large flange covering your palm and wrist, so you can move your whole arm instead of your wrist to control the mouse.

3, Reduces Pressure of Your Wrist:
The soft gel applied on the large flange increases the size to bear your hand weight and reduces the pressure of your wrist.

4, Reduces Grip Requirements:
The slanted semi-fist shape design allows gravitational force on the hand to be employed to provide the majority of the control required to precisely move the mouse; The need to grip the mouse which is one cause of hand fatigue is largely reduced.

5, Reduces friction between Fifth Finger and Desk Surface :
The Ergo-Grip design with detachable ledge keeps the underside of the fifth finger and palm off the surface of the desk.

6, Increases Pointer Precision:
The Precision Grip design offers the utmost precision in fingertip control. There is no sacrificing of work efficiency when enjoying the ergonomic comfort of the Newtral mouse.