Office Workstation Assessments (In-Person or Virtual):
When scheduling ergonomic assessments, our goal is to remove incompatibilities between you and your workspace. Our team specializes in individual assessments as well as employee assessments for businesses. Additionally, we provide the option to set up custom programs for ongoing assessments. We offer solutions for all options.

Assessments Include:

1. An in-depth interview with the employee to obtain all necessary information for an accurate and effective outcome.

2. Workstation measurements

3. Before and after photos

4. A full report on all details of the assessment, along with any product recommendations and adjustments made during the time spent with the individual will be included.

Custom Chair Fittings:
Ergonomic chairs come in many different variations. Finding the right one is crucial to your comfort and support. With so many options to choose from, finding a chair that meets your individual needs can be overwhelming! Let us help you find a chair that was made just for you.

Employee Ergonomic Training:
Invest in your employees by contributing to their health and wellness.With this short 30-minute training course, your employees will be educated on the importance of office ergonomics. Ergo Stop's fast and effective lesson plan will educate your employees in preventing repetitive motion injuries.

We suggest incorporating this into your new hire training or schedule as needed. We can offer these onsite or via web training.

Specialty Product Sourcing:
At Ergo Stop, our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services.  We'll keep you up to date on the newest products on the market. 

Our specialty is sourcing the right products for your needs and within your budget.