ARMazing Memory Foam Arm Pads (2) - 37611

The ARMazing memory foam arm pads contour to your arm and elbows, easing pressure which may cause pain and injury. The ARMazing pads help maximize the benefits by increasing circulation in your arms. They should fit any adjustable chair arm that measures from 6"-11" long. 

# Reduces pressure points. 
# Provides extra comfort and support. 
# Productivity should be enhanced. 
# Promotes proper circulation in peripheral muscles. 
# Strain and/or pressure in your elbows should also be reduced. 
# Sleek design and snug fit. 
# Comes as a set of two memory foam rests. 
# Helps reduce general aches and pains which can be due to improper blood circulation.

ARMazing Memory Foam Arm Pads (2) - 37611

SKU: 37611

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