Cobra Stealth Combo

Cobra™  Sit, stand or work anywhere in between. The stylized Cobra™ mechanism puts the keyboard and mouse in perfect user position throughout its impressive 12½" (317mm) height adjustment range. Simply lift the keyboard into position and release, no adjustment knobs or levers are needed. The Cobra™ shines with its ability to position the keyboard closer to the edge of your work surface, closer than any other keyboard arm on the market. Convenient one hand tilt adjustments +10º/-20ºare made quick and easy simply by rotating the soft touch wheel. The sturdy box frame construction provides maximum side-to-side keyboard tray stability for a solid quality feel. With patented designs, trays and mousing options, it is easy to assemble a keyboarding system that offers maximum flexibility and a personalized ergonomic fit.


The versatile Stealth Platform can be used for a keyboard, right or left hand mouse or both at the same time. Shown with Optional Corner Sleeve. Both mouse areas have an integral "mouse traps" to retain mouse in a negative tilt application. Mouse area does not move laterally ("creep away") when the user mouses or writes. 

· Dimensions: Platform: 20"W x 13"D, Sliding mouse tray: 8.5"W x 10"D 
· Platform Color: Black, Removable Vinyl palm support color: Black

Cobra Stealth Combo

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