Computer Eye Glasses

Are you suffering from eyestrain caused by your computer screen? If so, then have we got good news for you! ComputerEyed glasses are designed to address all the needs for the busy computer worker that come with the territory. See how two power vision glasses can help you!


Two Power Solutions in One Powerful Pair

Computer Eyed's unique bifocal lens with anti-glare protection allows you all day screen viewing comfort. Our reading glasses feature a two-power lens that corrects for both reading (12"-14") and computer vision (18"-24"). The bottom portion of the lens is corrected for reading, or close vision. The top portion of the lens is corrected for computer, or intermediate vision. Best of all, these glasses help with a wide range of areas that affect most computer workers; 

    • Eliminates eyestrain, neck and back pain associated with computer use.
    • Reduces computer glare
    • Prevents Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Computer Eye Glasses

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