Confluence Collaboration Table

The Confluence standing conference table allows everyone in the office to stay upright and active during meetings. The table is fully height adjustable, accommodating meeting goers 4’11”and taller. A stabilizing foot rest surrounds the base of the table, providing even more comfort.

Mobis Chairs Not Included

Confluence Collaboration Table

SKU: Ergo-Confluence
  • True to Focal’s body-conscious philosophy, the Confluence Table was designed to support the body as it intuitively interacts with space, whether it is at rest or in motion.

    Powder-coated extruded aluminum and steel base with a one-inch furniture-grade American hardwood ply top. German-made lifting mechanism is operated by a central hand crank. Anodized aluminum cable hatch opens in the center of the table top to allow computer cables to drop below and out of sight into a steel cable management tray. Constructed of globally-sourced materials; assembled and distributed from North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

    The Confluence Table features an elegant German-made crank system, which effortlessly glides up and down. Turning the small hand crank on either side of the table frame drives two hardened steel rods and gears. The gears are self-locking, so the height of the table is secure once set. The one-to-one purchase on the crank gearbox means you don’t have to turn it many times to make your adjustments. The lifting mechanism is rated to hold up to 250 lbs.

    The table can be used alone, or can be paired with a group of Focal Mobis or Mogo seats so meeting goers can actively alternate between leaning and standing positions.

    • Sit/Stand Type

    • Dimensions

       L 78” x W 34” x H 36” – 48”
    • Cable Hatch

       4.75” x 17.75”
    • Weight

       210 lbs