Conset Sit Stand Leg

The 501-27 is the desk base with a light design despite and great functionality. This table offers new unique characteristics for height adjustable tables:

  • Increased travel, from height 54 cm to height 119 cm 
  • Anti-squeeze-protection-system
  • Frame can be loaded with up to 100 kg


The desk base comes in three frame size options and in two color options for each of those sizes. 

Conset Sit Stand Leg

SKU: 93227
    • Frame Size Options

      Silver 32 7/8" Width, Silver 50 7/8" Width, Silver 56 11/16" Width, Silver 59 13/16" Width, Black 32 7/8" Width, Black 50 7/8" Width, Black 56 11/16" Width, Black 59 13/16" Width
    • Table Top Options

      No Top Needed, Beech Veneer Top 30x48", Beech Veneer Top 30x60", Beech Veneer Top 30x66", Maple Veneer Top 30x48", Maple Veneer Top 30x60", Maple Veneer Top 30x66"