The Cricket Laptop Stand is a fold up portable laptop stand that elevates the screen for cool computing and comfortable viewing. Cricket props up your laptop, allowing you to adjust screen height as desired. This also allows air to circulate and heat to dissipate. The stand is adjustable to safely accommodate all screen sizes. The Cricket is extremely portable. It folds up to fit in a pocket or computer bag, making it an ideal computer accessory to take anywhere your laptop travels.


Do note that this is a laptop workstation accessory and is designed to be used in conjunction with a seperate keyboard and mouse to properly utilize. 


SKU: Ergo-Cricket
  • Features

    • Height adjustable laptop stand - Press button to adjust 6 screen heights from 11 to 60 degrees for optimal laptop screen height.
    • Unique fold out tripod design - Easy fold out setup. The design enhances airflow keeping the notebook cool, whilst keeping the laptop well supported.
    • Extremely portable - Easily folds up and fits in a pocket or computer carry case.
    • Ergonomic computing - Elevates laptop screen to comfortable viewing height and enables use of full-size keyboard for more efficient computing.
    • Also works with tablet PCs - Adaptable design means it can be used as a stand for smaller devices.
    • Dimensions

       8"(l) x 2"(w) x 1"(d)
    • Weight

       1 lbs
    • Laptop Support Size

       Compatible for Laptops 17" and under
    • Laptop Support Weight

       Compatible for Laptops 11.9 lbs and under