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Utilizing Cypress's OvationONS II (TM) Laser Navigation System,a breakthrough for precision motion-sensing applications. Built around Cypress's patented OptiCheck(TM) laser technology, this “laser tracking system-on-a-chip” offers high accuracy tracking at high speed and low power consumption. 

The product delivers fast, precise, responsive tracking without the trade-offs between power and performance that characterize traditional image-correlation sensors. 

Performance coupled with the natural contour makes this trackball superior for all applications including general computing, gaming and CAD. The button selectable resolution settings allow rapid changes from high precision-high resolution to low precision-high speed. 

The included scroll wheel is conveniently located just behind the center button making it easily accessed. Combined with precision laser control, this trackball offers great flexibility, performance and reliability. 

The shape of the Ergo-Laser acts as a natural hand rest mirroring the natural contour of your hand. Designed to easily accommodate either right, or left handed users and different size hands. No need to move you arm to rotate your wrist from side to side. 

Ergo Laser Trackball W/ Scroll Wheel - 38001

SKU: 38001