Freestyle®2 Keyboard - 39280

The Freestyle®2 features a simple, sturdy adjustment mechanism which allows the user to freely adjust the keyboard to their own comfort. The design allows for the user to separate the keyboard to up to 8" apart (20" with the 20" Wide Separation model) to match a comfortable position on any work surface. 


Two models have been designed to support Windows and Mac computers.

Freestyle®2 Keyboard - 39280

SKU: 39280
  • What also makes the Freestyle®2 so comfortable is its zero degree slope, which minimizes the height of the keyboard, effectively creating a negative slope to reduce wrist extension. Additionally, the Freestyle®2 offers a variety of driverless hot keys for commonly used mouse actions, such as Forward and Back (for internet pages), search, home, cut, copy and paste. Lastly, the Freestyle®2 utilizes a quiet, tactile membrane key switch for a smooth, responsive keystroke with every press. 

    • Keyboard Layout

       Windows, Mac