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The Ovation Stealth Combo platform creates a highly accessible and convenient location for you to place your keyboard and mouse. The Ovation Stealth Combo allows the user to easily adjust the height of their keyboard for maximum comfort, productivity and greater ADA compliance. 

The platform helps to promote healthier negative tilt of the keyboard you work on, which in turn help to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries. The Tilt dial shows the angle of the tray as you turn the knob, allowing you to keep track of which positions work best for your comfort. The design accommodates for straight desktops with limited space. Even if the workstation is corner mounted, the keyboard tray will still be parallel to the desk. 

The mouse areas on the platform have integral "mouse traps" to assist with retaining the mouse in a negative tilt application, easing pressure on the wrists. Additionally, the mouse platform will not move laterally (better known as "creep away) when the user mouses or writes on the platform. 

Best of all, the platform is fully retractable when not in use; giving you that added space when you're not working on the keyboard, or simply to keep things tidy and out of the way. 

Ovation Stealth Combo, Keyboard Arm and Tray- 58072

SKU: 58072
  • Key Features: Sit/Stand Series

    - Height range: 8.25" above track and 5.88" below track.
    - Reduced neck length lets user be closer to desk.
    - Superior lock-up, increased stability, and improved tilt position accuracy.
    - Dial tilt gauge shows the angle of the tray from -15° to 10°.
    - Sit-Stand arms incorporate height gauges to mark user's optimal ergonomic keyboard position.
    - With a 360° swivel, user can move keyboard freely from side to side.