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Finally, a mechanical keyboard that doesn't come with the loud clicking noise. The Quiet Click Keyboard Pro offers a solution to workers that like the feel of mechanical keyboards but not the noise they make.

Quiet Click Keyboard Pro - 39370

SKU: 39370
  • Crafted with quiet click mechanical switches, the Quiet Click Keyboard Pro solves the noise issue that mechanical keyboards often bring into the office environment, making them as quiet as a standard office keyboard. With the Quiet Click Keyboard Pro, workers can continue to enjoy the tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard while not being a disruption to their fellow coworkers.

    The Quiet Click Keyboard Pro comes with 3 additional USB 2.0 slots for added convenience. Now you can enjoy 

    Frustrating 'flat top' and 'rounded top' keytops are a thing of the past. The Quiet Click Keyboard Pro is designed with sculpted keytops, specifically to aid in typing accuracy by preventing your fingers from sliding onto other keys. Key convenience was also kept in mind with this keyboard's design. A specially placed tab key in the keyboard's num pad helps to aid data entry users who work with spreadsheets frequently. There are also a variety of media controls included on the keyboard to make it easier to navigate your favorite media programs. 

    • Keyboard Layout

    • Dimensions

       18.13” x 6.5” x 1.38”
    • Cable Length

       6 Feet
    • Weight

       2.75 lbs