Ergo-Mat Mouse Pad- SKU# 43001


The Ergo-Mat is a 3 way pad - for tall users, for small users, and as a slanted pad. It is easy to adjust for individual users and by individual users to fit changing work stations and tasks.

There are 3 possible basic positions for the Ergo-Mat.

The thick side adjacent to the keyboard (slanted)
The thick side closest to the keyboard (for small users)
The thick side at the edge of the table (for tall users)

Operation is greatly improved by angling the mat to a 45 degree angle. This keeps the elbow close to the body thereby reducing the static work load on the shoulder and upper arm.

The mat covering provides just the right amount of resistance so that operation of the mouse is easy, and, more importantly, accurate. Smooth pads do not hold the mouse in place. A slippy, slidey mouse is very annoying when the task demands precision. The mouse must be gripped tightly for accuracy and it can move out of place with serious results.