Ergocentric airCentric AIR-HB-SG-4ATA


Airflow technology that works harder for you.

Inspired by the breathability of mesh task chairs, the airCentric 2 combines the airflow inherent in mesh seating with the proven ergonomics of ergoCentric’s foam and fabric seating for a truly comfortable seating experience. With 66 honeycomb cells, the back foam is designed for ventilation. Vents in the back cap allow continuous airflow through the entire back structure.

Airflow innovation

The airCentric 2 offers a new, softer, molded back foam cushion. Though softer, it is highly durable and stands up to the test of years of continuous use without losing load-bearing capabilities, shape or dimensions. The molded foam provides long lasting lateral and lumbar support while allowing air to flow through the honeycomb rib design of the internal back structure.

Features and Benefits:

  • Patented Airflow technology
  • 5” of infinite back height adjustment
  • Optional air lumbar
  • New molded back foam cushion that allows for improved comfort of the air lumbar option
  • Optional patented adjustable headrest with three pivot points and seven inch vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • The patent-pending tCentric armrest, available in four combinations of vertical, lateral and patented 360° swivel adjustments