Glass Chair Mat - 93003 - So Cal Delivery or Will Call


Glass chair mats and desk tops can help nix the pain, illness and fatigue that diminishes productivity in your office. This mat features a beveled edge for safety and beauty. Physical therapists, chiropractors and others in related fields say that flexible vinyl or plastic mats provide inadequate support for the body. Plus, scientific research shows that illness-causing germs harbor and fester on desktops made of wood and other porous materials.

The glass chair mats are made of 25 – 30% recycled glass, not petroleum products, and never need to be replaced or discarded. Vinyl mats wear out and need to be replaced frequently. Every glass chair mats comes with a limited 5 year warranty. Glass chair mats can extend the life of your carpeting or right and protect hardwood floors from scratching, while allowing their beauty to show through.

To make your Glass Chairmat experience even better, we recommend changing your desk chair casters to casters specifically made for hard surfaces. The caster roller surface is slightly softer for an even smoother, quieter roll. We offer hard surface casters that fit most newer desk chairs.

Available for in store pick up or San Diego, Orange or Los Angeles County for a delivery fee. Please contact us for a delivery fee estimatte at 1-800-875-7001.