iRizer Tablet Stand - SKU # - 69391


The iRizer for tablets makes for a pleasant viewing experience for times when holding your tablet just isn't an option. Whether you're using it with a wireless keyboard or are simply using your tablet to view media, the iRizer tablet stand adjusts the angle of your tablet for your maximum viewing pleasure. The iRizer for tablets has 5 different viewing angles from 20°, for excellent touchscreen typing, to a very verticle 70° that's ideal for desk use.

With the iRizer's sleek design, you'll have no troubles being able to carry around your stand on the go within your tablet carrying case. Its design allows the stand to fold up on itself, reducing it down to the size of less than 1/2 inch thick (11.5 mm). The design is so thin, that it's practically out of the way when it's set up, creating no additional distractions for your workspace. Experience the ergonomic comfort that is the iRizer today!