Scissor Lift Adjustable Height Keyboard Tray - 58067


Scissor Lift is available in 3 sizes: 21", 24", and 27" wide by 11" deep. Height range from 1" to 9.25" to top of keyboard surface. Health through motion ... Stand and work!

Standing and doing computer related work can help provide relief from pain and discomfort and a welcome change from the constant seated posture. Enjoy the full range of adjustabilty that the Scissor Lift can bring to your work effort. Instead of getting up and walking to the break room and losing precious working minutes, stand up and continue to work in comfort and less stress. Let the body regain it's blood flow while you continue to be productive. Amazing! Try the new Scissor Lift today and begin to feel good again. Why drag yourself home at the end of your work day.

The 27" width tray is standard, as that allows for most keyboards (20") and mouse pads (5-7"). For those that have a center point mousing system (like Roller Mouse Free), the 21" will consume less working space on the desktop. For those people who have a mini keyboard or a keyboard without the number pad, the 24" may work best for you. Feel fresher, more productive, and leave the pain behind. Scissor Lift, from ARC Ergonomics.